As a virtual assistant, I remotely provide support services to a business. Support with administrative tasks tend to be the most requested service, however I can assist with any other business elements; if you have a process for it, I can do it.


What is a Virtual ASSISTANT?

What areas do you cover?

email management | order management | online research | typing up notes | social media responses | chasing invoices | scope calls | data entry | diary management | blog creation | engagement | post scheduling | content research | market research | media stats packages

Customer Service from £500 per month. 

​I will provide REPORTING, tracked time & ANALYTICS every Tuesday.


emails do not carry over 9-5 Monday - Friday

Ecommerce Email/ social media responses only

Fantastic for seasonal peaks and ad hoc services.

The estimated number of hours required will be discussed & tracked. 

​The tracked hours will be shown on your invoice alongside a breakdown of completed tasks. ​

 £31  per hour

Hourly Rate - AD HOC TASKS/Sales Support

£150 (£30 per hour) – 5 hours per month
Perfect for ad hoc tasks

£280 (£28 per hour) – 10 hours per month
recommended for weekly support

£520 (£26 per hour) – 20 hours per month
ideal for daily support

from £26 per hour

Retainer fEE - Guaranteed time

Hiring me

Steps to

Make a List

Unsure of what you need to delegate? I suggest to everyone looking into a VA to make a list first. Listing things such as:



What do you like doing that you could pass on?

What don't you mind doing, but it takes a lot of your time?

What don't you like doing?

What don't you have the skills to do?

Book a call.

Due to the current environment face to face meetings are difficult to achieve however with the help of Zoom, Google and Microsoft Teams we have overcome the struggle of building a working relationship. We can discuss your outsourcing requirements, the hours required, training and processes. 

Book A Scope call with me


I will work with you for as long or as little as you need. My time is tracked & rounded to the next 15 minutes. The time spent supporting your business will be shown on your invoice & will not extend what we agreed without the work being signed off first. There is no task too small & I can support you on an ad hoc basis. A contract of our agreement will be drawn up and sent over electronically for you to sign. Payment terms are 7 days from the invoice.  

Time Frames & Contracts

Our Partnership.

I like to build strong relationships with my clients. Where they can call me for a chat, to discuss up coming work, how things are going and to check progress. Meetings can be scheduled weekly while the work is being carried out to make sure everything is going as planed & to address any unforeseen issues/project extensions.  

Carrying out of works


I won't say goodbye; I'll say, "I hope our paths cross again", & we can work together on future projects you may have. 

I don't say goodbye

Mark Higgins 
COO - Ecommerce/Customer experience

"Laura was a delight to work with, highly organised, very efficient and always positive with a dynamic and can-do attitude. Whoever you are, you will enjoy working with Laura and she will get results."

Amber-rose peake hair

"Laura is amazing at what she does. She reviews my content, contracts, highlights areas of caution and has helped me grow as a content creator over a matter of months. I'd be lost without her"

I'll be in touch shortly

Thank You!

I look forward to hearing all about your business & typically respond within 24 hours.

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